meet the team



Rick is one of life’s true ranters, but you know he’s right! You’re always welcome to sit in his chair & hear what’s what. Known to some as the Peter Pan of Southsea, his youthful good-looks imply some sort of deal with the devil. Although slightly bow-legged, he’s been kept on the straight & narrow by the love of a good woman.

tel 07867 527693




Tim is a true house-monkey & general ted. Since the great demolition of the city’s heart, the Tricorn, he chose to relocate to the caring community of Southsea. Living within a stone’s throw of head & always on call for the 3am eternal, just as long as he’s not too busy cobbling a pair of winkle pickers from the timbers of the Mary Rose! Come & have a chat, it’s nish.

tel 07887 620947




With a quiff you could surf, Mark is Southsea’s original easy rider & avid collector of all things tat! He’s been playing the gentleman’s barber in Southsea for over 25 years & drumming in the finest of beat combos. A better barber than drummer, he says “it’s all about the feeling”. Lost in a 50’s timewarp, his specialities include ducktails & “those old fashioned cuts.”

tel 07739 517094



Southsea’s own hairdresser on fire! After more than 7 years dedicating his hairdressing skills to making the men and women of Salisbury beautiful, This Charming Dan moved to Southsea with his lovely wife in 2011. Dan is Head’s resident vegetarian (not the Nazi type!) and lover of pretty much everything relating to Punk rock, Tattoos, The Smiths, Scotch whisky and any movie ending in ‘…of the dead’.